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Hostile Bear Gets Inside Coquitlam Family’s Van With Child Inside

Coquitlam black bear

Photo: @iainblack_gvbot / Twitter

A Coquitlam family experienced quite the scare on Saturday morning when a bear started going through their van that had a child sitting inside.

The incident happened at approximately 8:00 a.m. in the Westwood Plateau area.

According to The Conservation Officer Service, the family was loading groceries in the back of the van to take to a neighbours place.


The young child inside was in the front seat and his older brother was helping load the groceries with his mother. After coming back out of the house with another load, they both discovered the unexpected bear.

A black bear had gotten to the back of the van and had started eating away at the food that was being loaded up.

Both the mother and older brother started screaming and throwing rocks at the van. They eventually hit the panic alarm, which prompted the bear to wander off.

The incident prompted three conservation officers to search the area, but the bear has still not been found. The officers have set up a trap at the family’s home and will now be monitoring the area.


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