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Coach Alain Vigneault Moves Into His Parents Basement

To most people’s surprise, the Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault has moved into his parents basement situated in Gatineau Ottawa.

The NHL is currently in a lock-out which is affecting those within the organization mentally and financially. Taking this into consideration, rumors began flying that the coach of one of the biggest Hockey franchises (AV) had to fly back East for shelter..

But don’t feel too bad.

Ironically, Vigneault ran with the rumor as a joke up until yesterday where he revealed the real reason for moving in with his parents.

“I was doing some renovations on my home and I had to move back in with my parents. I wasn’t supposed to be here. Training camp was going to start and I would be in Vancouver and the renovations would get done while I was away. Then the lockout appeared and I was here and had to move back in with my parents.”

Vigneault said Maurice and Loraine (mom & dad) were delighted to have their son back under their roof. He made his bed, put his toys away, and even helped with the chores. He stated they got a kick of him being back at home especially because there was more activity in the house.

AV has literally been away from home for about the past 10 years excluding visits. He’s spent two years in PEI before moving to Winnipeg for a year. The last 6 years he’s been in Vancouver coaching the Canucks.

Just like you and me, Vignealt wishes the lockout will end ASAP. He said he misses the daily interactions with staff and players.

“I really miss my players, really miss the whole environment around the team.”

Across the border, quite a few NHL teams are feeling content with lockout, either because they’ll lose less money not playing or because they struggle drawing fans and TV audiences against football in the fall.

The highly profitable and well-run Canucks, however, are losing money and a chance to take another run at the Stanley Cup as their window to do so with a roster of core players and all-stars.

Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, & Mason Raymond have been keeping in touch with fans by attending autograph sessions while other Canucks united and played a charity game against UBC.

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