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City Of Vancouver Announces 12 New Food Carts

Vancouver has announced that the city will be introducing 12 new food carts that will serve customers food around various Vancouver locations. These food courts feature locally grown food, and are green which is what makes them successful according to Council member Kerry Jang, as people really like the concept behind local grown BC food.

Prior there was a 1978 law which only allowed for hotdogs, chestnuts and popcorn to be sold on the streets, but now that the city has lifted this law, the food courts are allowed to embrace all kinds of delicious, organic and healthy foods. The decision of which foods will hit the streets was chosen carefully by a panel of judges made up of chefs, food bloggers, activists and business people.

Last year the city for 19 new street food carts despite the strict council regulations that were in place at the time. Since then, restaurant concerns about their business have lessened, as well as initial complaints about noise and traffic have eased down, as Vancouverites can’t get enough of these food carts!

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