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Dispute Turns Violent At BC Nail Salon After Woman Tries To Leave (VIDEO)

Chilliwack Nail Salon

Photo: Fight at Chilliwack Salon / Vancity Diva

A woman was reportedly held inside a Chilliwack Nail Salon over the BC day long weekend.

The incident took place at HD nails after a woman reportedly refused to pay for her services.

A video was posted to Youtube by Vancity Diva that shows the enraged woman telling staff that she is unhappy with services.

The woman, Ashley Deshaies, asserts that the manicurist did a poor job, and that her nails are different lengths. The manicurist, however, tells her that nails looks great and that Deshaies is a liar.

Following this, she appears to try to leave, so some of the employees grab the woman and prevent her from doing so. In response, the woman violently yells at the people around her. Further, she tries to aggressively pull away from them as they continue to hold her back.

Chilliwack Nail Salon Video

“Deshaies’ father says the RCMP officer who responded to the call didn’t take his daughter’s statement and threatened to arrest her if she didn’t pay a portion of the bill,” reports CTV News.

Coquitlam RCMP haven’t released a report yet, and therefore further details of the case remain unknown.

Recently, a woman threw a fit in a Vancouver Island McDonald’s after they allegedly forgot her tomato.


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