Map: Where To Find Cherry Blossoms In Metro Vancouver

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Cherry Blossoms In Metro Vancouver

It’s officially Spring and that means the highly-anticipated cherry blossoms will soon begin to bloom.

The blossoms paint many streets of Metro Vancouver pink—making it the prime spot for photo opportunities.

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, along with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival are making it easy for blossom lovers to find the scenic trees. They created an interactive map outlining the more than 2,100 locations of ornamental cherries.

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There’s about 50 different cultivars of blossoms ranging from a blush pink to a snow white.

The map shows some of the festival’s favourite locations to find cherry blossoms, which may or may not be in bloom now.

You can search the map by neighbourhood or cultivar, or a combination of those two factors. You can also select a specific date to find out when the best time to go is. The ‘favourites’ button shows the locations that have the best photo opportunities. The ‘blooming’ button shows which locations are currently in bloom.

Cherry Blossom Metro Vancouver Map

Cherry blossoms map

To find a cherry blossom filled area near you, check out the full and interactive map on their website.

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