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Where To See Cherry Blossoms in the Tri-Cities This Spring
March 24 2024

Where To See Cherry Blossoms in the Tri-Cities This Spring

Photo: Photo: @ilayamphoto / Instagram

Tis’ the season for cherry blossoms. If you thought you had to travel into Vancouver to catch these pink blooms, you are mistaken.

The beauty of cherry blossoms are all around Metro Vancouver. Here is your guide to the best spots to chase these beloved cherry blossoms in the Tri-Cities: Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam.

If you are planning a day trip, be sure to check out when the peak blooming time is.

Cherry Blossoms in the Tri-Cities

Port Moody

tricities cherry blossoms
Photo: @christinepozn / Instagram

There are pockets of great spots to view cherry blossoms in Port Moody. You can plan for a lovely spring day checking out the blossoms and then heading to a local brewery’s patio.

The best spots include:

  • Newport Village
  • Port Moody City Hall
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital
  • St John’s Street by Moody Elementary


cherry blossoms tricities coquitlam
Photo: @wccutler / UBC Botanical Garden Forum

Coquitlam is lined with streets with light pink cherry blossoms in full bloom. The trees are full and inspiring beauty in the communities.

Here are the top spots to check out:

  • Como Lake
  • Town Centre Park
  • Percy Perry Stadium
  • Lansdowne Dr & Runnel Dr

Port Coquitlam

cherry blossoms tricities
Photo: @Gerry Bates / UBC Botanical Garden Forum

In Port Coquitlam, you will find pockets of pink cherry blossoms throughout town on various streets and parks. Then afterwards, you can relax and have a picnic at one of the 7 parks where you can now legally have a drink.

Here are the best spots to view them:

  • Veterans Park
  • Robert Hope Outdoor Pool
  • Leigh Square
  • Meridian Village
  • Shaughnessy Street and McAllister Avenue
  • Elks Park

Taking Pictures?

If you have photos that you want to share while checking out these cherry blossoms in Tri-Cities, be sure to tag us or use #604Now, we love seeing the blooms through our readers eyes on Instagram.

Newport Village

cherry blossom tricities
Photo: @myke_port_moody / Instagram

Newport Village is a welcoming neighbourhood in Port Moody modeled on a walkable European town. There are a variety of retail and stores you can visit. And during the spring season you can also enjoy a nice lunch underneath the cherry blossom trees.

Eagle Ridge Hospital

cherry blossom tricities
Photo: @wilkieair / Instagram

There are batches of cherry blossom trees around Eagle Ridge Hospital, including the parking area outfront and around the corner on Newport Drive where there is a small seating area.

St John's Street by Moody Elementary

Along one of Port Moody’s main road, you can find 5 beautiful ‘Umineko’ streets along St. John’s St. between Mary and Grant St. Right outside Moody Elementary.

Port Moody City Hall

cherry blossom tricities
Photo: @sierraangel27 / Instagram

Outside of the Port Moody City Hall, you can find a beautiful row of Cherry blossom lining the side of the building. This is definitely one of the best places to get a few beautiful photos of the pink blossoms.

Como Lake Park

cherry blossom tricities
Photo: @riast / Instagram

Como Lake is a beautiful place to take a stroll anytime of the year, however it is especially beautiful in the spring time as you can spot pockets of cherry blossoms throughout the park.

Percy Perry Stadium & Lafarge Lake

cherry blossom tricities
Photo: @michellee.tremblay / Instagram

This is located in central Coquitlam, just north of the Coquitlam Centre shopping mall. It was named “Best Public Space” by the Canadian Institute of Planners in 2017, and consists of a number of open sport fields along with tons of green space and water where locals can enjoy an afternoon stroll.  You can find the pink blossoms at the North West corner of Percy Perry Stadium and across the street from the south end of Lafarge Lake at Eastwood St where there is a tunnel with benches.

Lansdowne Dr & Runnel Dr

Just a block from the South end of Harrier Park you can find beautiful cherry blossom trees that run along Runnel Drive east of Lansdowne.

Veterans Park & Leigh Square Meridian Village

cherry blossom tricities
Photo: @prafithusnul / Instagram

Located at the heart of downtown Port Coquitlam, Veterans Park has a beautiful garden with amazing spring blooms. Note however that there is currently construction taking place that may impact your access.

You can also see blossoms a block away at Leigh Square Meridian Village, as well as along

Robert Hope Outdoor Pool

You can spot several ‘Kanzan’ cherry blossom trees just outside Robert Hope Outdoor Pool Park.

Elks Park

You can find pink blooms by Elks Park on Kelly Avenue, as well as a block away on Shaughnessy St. and Welcher Ave.


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