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You Could Have a Cheque Worth Hundreds Waiting For You With the CRA

CRA unclaimed taxes

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Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is netting hundreds of un-cashed government cheques that could belong to you.

A post through Reddit brought it to many people’s attention, as well as a tweet by user @3rdperiodsuits.

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Anyone is able to check the CRA’s website to find out if one of these cheques belongs to them.

People are finding out they have hundreds of dollars sitting and waiting for them. These cheques can be from unclaimed tax refunds or GST payments.

The unpaid funds can also be from decades ago, as one person tweeted they received $225 from 15 years ago.

CRA spokesperson Etienne Biram said in a statement that the money “belongs to Canadians.”

“In order to help taxpayers reclaim these long lost funds, we recently soft launched this new feature to let taxpayers know if they have an uncashed cheque with the CRA,” Biram said.

You can find out if you’re owed any money by checking the CRA website and logging in.

In other tax-related news, B.C. will soon start charging PST on sugary drinks as well as streaming channels.

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