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Cat Café Is One Paw Closer To Vancouver

Cat Café Is One Paw Closer To Vancouver

Cat Café Is One Paw Closer To Vancouver

Cat lovers!

As 604 Now previously reported, a cat café is about to claw its way into Vancouver—with the help of Michelle Furbacher, cat enthusiast and founder of Catfe.

The Catfe will be “one part café, one part foster home for cats, and all parts community gathering space for cat lovers in Vancouver.” Besides a colony of cats; there will be drinks and snacks offered at a separate shop next door (due to health and safety regulations), a library of books, wifi access, board games and a lounge area to spend some quality kitty time.

Furbacher launched a crowd-funding campaign to gain support from the public in order to go ahead with this business venture. Now at the tail-end of the campaign, Furbacher has teamed up with two other cat ladies to help collect as many funds as possible. The local feline entrepreneurs—Erin Filtness and Olivia Canlas are joining forces with Furbacher to offer more kitty-related perks for the final week of the crowd-funding campaign. Filtness is the heart and soul behind the well-known cat account on Instagram, @CatsofInstagram, which has over 400,000 followers. Canlas is the founder of Meow Box, a company that offers monthly subscription packages that are full of treats and goodies for your feline friends. According to Furbacher, they all met one evening for coffee and agreed it was a “match made in cat heaven.”

She mentions that not only will the money go towards a unique sanctuary for adoptable kitties, but it will also get you perks. One of the perks is you will be entered for a chance to win a mega-meowbox (Catfe products, a plush cat blanket, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul book, a picture frame and more). Plus, you will be featured across the social media of Catfe, Meowbox and @CatsofInstagram.

With its new backing, Catfe continues to gain momentum and is one paw closer to becoming a reality—the first of its kind in Vancouver.

To find out more about the various perks you can receive by donating to Catfe, check out the campaign website.


Written by: Meagan Gill

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