Capstan Station: Everything You Need To Know About Richmond’s New Sky Train Station

Capstan Station

The City of Richmond just approved significant funding for Translink’s construction of the Capstan skytrain station in the city.

Located near No. 3 Road, the new Canada Line station is getting an impressive $3.5 million in funding from the city. Indeed, the station will be situated at the intersection of Capstan Way and No. 3 Road. This area is becoming increasingly dense, and the growth has pushed the project forward.

While discussions of building the station have been happening since 2009, plans to commence construction were planned much further down the line; however, the Capstan Village has grown exponentially in the the past few years. Since the projects funding was contingent on the rate of growth, this allowed the city to approve funding.

Capstan Station

“As of September this year, the City of Richmond has collected over $19 million in developer contributions, which is approximately 70 per cent of the total amount required to build the station. These funds have accumulated ‘much more rapidly than the 15-year time frame originally anticipated,’ according to a City of Richmond committee report published last week,” reports Urban YVR.

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Using the existing Aberdeen and Lansdowne stations as the minimum standard for quality, the station promises to be fully accessible and modern. With continuous weather protection, and design that keeps rider safety and comfort in mind, it will be an extremely convenient.

The project may have full funding in the Spring of 2018, and construction of the station will follow shortly thereafter. As per the agreement with the city, Translink has 30 months to complete the project once they have funding. As a result, this means that passengers may enjoy the station by the fall of 2020.

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