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Cannabis Edibles Will Finally Be Available Dec. 19, After A 2-Month Delay

Cannabis Edibles Extracts Legalization British Columbia

Photo: Wesley Gibbs / Unsplash

Cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals were legalized this October, but this week will be the first time Canadians will get the opportunity to get their hands on it.

Products that will be available beginning Thursday, December 19th, include cannabis-infused cookies and gummies, oils and vape liquid, as well as creams and lotions.

According to the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB), there will be at least 260 new products.

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Only a fraction will be available on Thursday, however, with most of the new products likely being unavailable until the new year. And, for now, interested consumers will only be able to purchase them online.

This is because authorized retailers will also be unable to order the new products until December 19th. According to the BCLDB, this means that stores likely won’t have the items in-store until after Christmas.

“It’s kind of playing the waiting game to see what we’ll be able to order and when”, Geoff Dear, the owner of Muse Cannabis, told CBC News.

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While cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals were legalized on October 17th, exactly one year after marijuana legalization, products have not been available until now because of a Health Canada regulation that requires a 60-day notice from licensed producers.

This likely adds to the annoyance of consumers with the government, whose stores are criticized for not having enough stock and cannabis is criticized for being too weak. Both of these factors have resulted in stunted (legal) cannabis sales in Canada, and particularly so here in British Columbia.

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