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Canadians Spend Too Much Money On Lunches

A new survey suggests that more than half of Canadians are spending too much money by purchasing their lunches at restaurants at least once a week. While it’s understood that eating out is convenient, the price tag that comes along with some of these foods, isn’t so appealing.

The survey claims that around 60 per cent of Canadians eat out at least once a week, spending anywhere from $7 to $13 on their meal, with an average around $8.80 per meal. Of all the provinces, Ontarians appear to eat out the most, while Quebecers have the best habit of packing their own lunch every day. While 20 per cent of Ontarians who eat out, actually hit up restaurants three or more days a week!

Toronto-based senior financial advisor Andrew Rice, says it’s unreasonable to pledge to never eat out, but there are a few tricks you can utilize to avoid eating out all the time.

First off, estimate how much eating out will cost you in the long run. The average person spending $8.80 per meal once a week, will end up spending $20,000 on lunches over a ten year span!

Rice also suggests if really necessary, why not grab a simple sandwich at work, and bring some fruit and a drink from home, instead of sitting down at a restaurant for your meal.

Are you guilty of hitting up a restaurant during your lunch break?

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