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Canadian Women Rate Their Sex Life

A recent survey by condom maker, Durex, has found that Canadian women are simply making do with mediocre sex. The survey spoke to 29,000 women across 36 different countries, and found only 31 percent of Canadian women regularly orgasm. Overall, 69 percent of women claim to be satisfied with their sex lives, while 84 percent of men are satisfied with theirs.

Of the 1000 Canadians surveyed, 66 percent say that they are somewhat satisfied sexually, while 46 percent are fully satisfied. Why do women appear to be less satisfied than men? According to Sarah Forbes-Roberts, co-owner of a Toronto sex shop called Come As You Are, men tend to be more knowledgeable in the subject of masturbation at an early age, where it’s more in the open. For women, it may take longer to orgasm or they don’t know how to, so it proves difficult and less satisfying.

The survey also found that the most satisfied in the world are people who live in South America, with a 72 percent of satisfaction, right behind them is Europe with 71 percent, followed by North America and Australia with 68 percent, and Asia with 67 percent.

Looks like you gotta step it up guys…

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