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Canadian Restaurant Chains That Need To Come To Vancouver

Casey's Bar Grill/Facebook

Ever walk through a grocery store when you’re hungry and put everything you see in the buggy? I sometimes feel the same way when I’m travelling around the world and eating at different restaurant chains. I wish I could pack up all of my favourites in my suitcase and transport them back to Vancouver.

There are some amazing Canadian restaurant chains that for some reason, are not here in the 604. Why you ask? Apparently the food Gods don’t like us Canucks.

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Who knows, maybe this post will help bring these tasty places to our home town.

Below is our list on Canadian restaurants chains that Vancouver needs.

St. Hubert/Facebook
St. Hubert/Facebook

St. Hubert

St. Hubert is the Quebec-style KFC. Actually, they’re more like a Starbucks because they have one on every corner – no joke. Their rotisserie chicken has an undeniable flavour unlike anything we’ve got here in  Vancouver. They offer chicken sandwiches, salads, legs and more. Unlucky for us, they are only located in Quebec.

Ben & Florentine/Facebook
Ben & Florentine/Facebook

Ben & Florentine

This little gem only offers locations in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba – boo! The menu boasts a variety of breakfast favourites including egg-stremely tasty benedicts, omelettes and florentines, of course. And for the sweeties out there, they have the best crepes in all of Canada.

Capt. Submarine/Website
Capt. Submarine/Website

Capt. Submarine

This joint is like the Subway of Canada, but in my opinion, even tastier. The sandwiches are made fresh with bread that doesn’t include any ingredients found in a Yoga mat. Ha, seriously though. The chain operates in the Atlantic side of Canada with four locations in Ontario, too.

Fionn MacCool's/Facebook
Fionn MacCool’s/Facebook

Fionn MacCool’s

This Irish-inspired pub offers dishes that are so authentic, you’ll forget you’re in Canada. Only problem is, they have locations basically all over our country – except here in Vancouver. I’ve been to the Edmonton location a few times, and not only do they have quality food (the Shepherd’s Pie is my staple item), the live entertainment is pretty darn good, as well. This place could easily be your “Central Perk” with your group of friends.

Casey's Bar Grill/Facebook
Casey’s Bar Grill/Facebook

Casey’s Grill Bar

Casey’s offers a menu of family favourites, including poutine, steaks, ribs and juicy burgers. The chain started in 1980 in Sudbury, Ontario and has since grown to Quebec, as well. They focus on fresh meats and quality ingredients that are never frozen. And the portions are U.S.A. approved!

Bier Markt/Facebook
Bier Markt/Facebook

Bier Markt

Of all the Canadian chains, Bier Markt takes the pint when it comes to ones we definitely need. They offer guests 150 beers on tap from 30 different countries! Pair that with charcuterie boards or cheese fondue (yep, you read right) and you’ll never want to leave. The food menu is phenomenal, actually. And they have live music! Too bad they only have locations in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland.

Smitty's Oyster House/Facebook
Smitty’s Oyster House/Facebook


Okay, this oyster bar is closer to Vancouver than the other chains mentioned above. If you feel like taking a weekend trip to Gibsons, you’ll be able to enjoy this delicious, Canadian favourite. Smitty’s specializes in oysters and brings only the freshest catch to the table.  They offer a variety of seafood favourites – including the clam chowdaaaa! Be sure to do your best Mayor Qwimby impression when ordering.

My mouth is watering thinking about all of the out-of-reach food that we’re missing here in Vancouver. Did I forget one of your Canadian chain favourites that needs to come to town? Let us know in the comments below!

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