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Canadian Immigration Site Remains Crashed 12 Hours & Counting After US Election

No, it’s not a meme.

Canada’s Immigration website crashed during the Presidential election results last night – and the server is still down.

It’s no coincidence that the site started experiencing issues as Donald Trump took the lead during the results. State after state, another Trump win.

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And while some Americans had joked about packing up and moving to Canada if Trump were to win, others were actually serious.

That’s what the ‘Server Error’ message may indicate, at least.

Canada Abroad/ Facebook
Canada Abroad/ Facebook

Immigration Canada’s spokesperson, Lisa Filipps, said that website “temporarily inaccessible as a result of a significant increase in the volume of traffic.”

Too many of our friends south of the border are looking for an easy way out.

But here’s a warning from a fellow Canadian: we live in cold, crowded igloos; we don’t like the NFL nearly as much as you do, and we have pet beavers – they’re super stinky.

Still want to move to Canada, eh?

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