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Canada’s Unemployment Rate Dipped to A Near Record Low

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You may be in luck this year if you’re searching for work because the unemployment rate in Canada has reached a near record-low.

The country’s unemployment rate is at 5.5% compared to 5.7% last year.

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Statistics Canada released its annual report Friday, that showed this year’s rate compared to 2019.

Analysts predicted that rate would stick at around 5.5% and expected the country to gain 15,000 more positions.

However the latter number doubled, as Canada saw an additional 34,500 jobs.

These job gains are all in full-time positions – mainly in the goods-producing sector and manufacturing. But the service sector lost 14,500 positions.

Bank of Canada has been closely watching how the hourly rate changed and saw the amount rise by 4.4%, compared to January 2019.

The unemployment rate in Canada has steadily decreased since 2016, when it stood at 7%.

So if you’re looking for new work, now may be your time to shine. And to help you along the way, here are some of Canada’s top employers.

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