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Canada’s First Robotic Garage Resides In Downtown Vancouver

Technology sure has advanced over the past decade, as a downtown Vancouver condo is the first building in Canada to feature a fancy robot parking garage, where like the name suggests, your car gets parked for you!

How does it work? Drivers pull in towards the garage, take their belongings with them, swipe a special access card, and watch their car vanish before their eyes! Once the access card is swiped, the advanced technology of the garage actually lowers your vehicle for you and parks it within the five-storey garage for you, no human necessary!

The robotic garage features 240 stalls, and was created as a solution for the 38-storey luxury high-rise that is about as wide as two single-family lots. Thanks to the robotic garage, who is the largest of it’s kind in North America and the first in Canada, all the cars for the people living in this luxury condo are accommodated for within a limited space!

Although the concept and technology behind the robotic garage is really cool, there are some downsides. For starters the price of a parking stall in this nifty garage will set your back $56,000, which is double the cost of a parking stall at any other normal downtown Vancouver condo stall. Secondly, one resident complains that the robotic garage is constantly having problems, leaving drivers stranded with no car to use for sometimes hours.

Check out the clip below of the robotic garage in action! Would you dish up the cash for a parking stall like that?

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