Canada Will Require Visitors To Present a Vaccine Passport for Entry

vaccine passport

The idea of a vaccine passport for international travel through Canada may soon become reality as the government revealed it’s working to deliver a solution.

According to a survey by Ipsos, almost 8 out of 10 Canadians, 78% agree (including the 56% who strongly agree) that travellers entering Canada should have a vaccine passport. Interestingly, our Americans neighbours agreed to a smaller degree. Only 71% think that travellers should be required to show a vaccine passport before entering their country.

Furthermore, 72% Canadians think that vaccine passports would help make travel and large events safe again.


Will Canadians Get A Vaccine Passport?

“Canadians need to be able to have the right kind of certification for international travel because, as we know, Canadians will want to travel internationally, and they will want to make sure they have the right credentials to do that from a vaccination perspective,” says Canadian Health Minister Patty Hajdu.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also indicated that some type of vaccination certification would be expected as part of international travel moving forward.

There is some talk about modifying the ArriveCAN app, which allows for digital proof of testing. It may be possible that Canada can have a vaccine passport program with some adaptations. Hajdu says, “we’ll be working with our international partners to make sure that whatever the world lands on, Canadians will have documents in the appropriate format.”

What Are Other Countries Doing?

The United States has not yet created a vaccine passport and has resisted the idea to this date. However, as vaccinations increase around the word, there is talk of countries scrambling to provide some type of digital certification for those vaccinated.

The European Union is planning for a digital green certificate. Government-sponsored vaccine certification are appearing from Japan to United Kingdom to Israel, as well as the European Union. Therefore, it seems that if Canada wants to join in, they may be allowed to enter other countries… if citizens have their own vaccine passport that is.


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