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Canadians are Amongst the Most Sad and Anxious People In The World

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Not to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ with this information, but a recent research report is indicating Canada to be one of the most sad and anxious countries in the world.

A United Kingdom based online contact lens shop named Lenstore has put out a report analyzing 10 different health metrics for 24 countries. They scoured a number of public health websites to compile the data and present it as The Global State of Health 2021.

It shows that Canadians are not always as happy as we are portrayed to be.

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According to the Lenstore report, 26% of Canadians said they have felt anxious, stressed, or sad at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic. This ties us for second-place with people in the United Kingdom.

The comfort may be that we are still significantly doing better than our neighbours of the South. The United States held the top spot as 33%of Americans reported feelings of sadness and despair.

France and Australia followed behind Canada and the United Kingdom with a 24% and 23% respectively.

While it may come as surprising to see stereotypical Canadians so high on the sadness scale, it’s not surprising to some, given all that 2020 brought, and our proximity to the United States.

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