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Can You Guess How Much Justin Trudeau and His Team Spent on Donuts?

Trudeau and his donuts

Photo: @justintrudeau / Twitter

Although Justin Trudeau’s donut run last month seemed to cause a stir, you can rest assured that him and his team still love Tim Horton’s.

In fact, Canada’s Parliament spent $116, 415 on Tim Horton’s over the last term in various locations.

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A report recently tracked how much of taxpayers’ money went toward the office’s food expenses, between December 3, 2015 to September 11, 2019.

And the report shows that former Alberta Liberal cabinet minister Kent Hehr is the top Timmy’s spender. Over the four year period, he totalled  $4,373 in expenses at the chain.

Trudeau, on the other hand, only spent $89.90 at the now-American spot.

While good ole’ Tim Horton’s topped the list overall, here are some of the other top spending spots for Trudeau and his team:

2. Nespresso $21,005

3. Starbucks $12,202

4. Van House Coffee Services $11,308

5. McDonalds $4,700

6. Second Cup $1,447

7. Robins Donuts $467

8. Coffee Time $77

That equals to $167,621 in food expenses. However, Members of Parliament are allowed to use up to 3% of their office budget for things like hospitality and gift expenses.

This report comes after Trudeau’s recent trip to a local coffee shop that had many feeling bitter toward their prime minister. 

Do you think Trudeau should have directed more love toward the coffee chain?

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