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Burnaby’s Metrotown Residents Fighting To Avoid ‘Demovictions’


While Vancouverites are facing their fair share of housing and rental issues, Burnaby residents are now uniting to prepare for issues of their own with a potential Mass Demovication (eviction through demolition) looming in the Metrotown area to make way for condos and high rise buildings.

On one side of the coin, property value is expected to increase, and houses nearby the corner of Dunblane and Imperial will be bought out. On the flip side however, thousands will be evicted.

“This occupation is foremost in support and protest of the 80 people evicted from the building in this one parcel, the nearly 500 evicted from this square block, and the 6000 facing the promise of demovication if Burnaby passes its proposed ‘Downtown Metrotown’ plan.” reads a statement issued by the Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign.

As of June 30th, 30 residents have reportedly been evicted from the area, all of which who have had to find a new places to live, or rely on friends or family to help them out.


The Stop Demovication Burnaby Campaign will be holding a rally on July 12, 2016 at 5025 Imperial, two blocks west of Royal Oak Station at 6pm. At the rally, supporters will demand the following:

1. Stop the Demovictions
2. Coleman Hands off Tent Cities
3.Housing Justice Now!

Each demand will be further explained at the event.


Photos & Article submitted by Sarah Diamond

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