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Burnaby Mayoral Candidate to Ban “Public Displays of Affection” If Elected

B.C. is least romantic (couple holding hands)

Burnaby Mayoral Candidate to Ban "Public Displays of Affection" If Elected

Remember all those times you thought the two people sucking face in front of you on the bus ought to be fined?

Well you weren’t the only one. Sylvia Gung, one of six mayoral candidates in Burnaby’s upcoming civic election, has listed in her political platform that she will be focusing on public concerns such as getting rid of the school board, innovating union and PAC organizations, and “banning behaviors that hints sex/sexuality, even including Bridal Kiss and walking hand in hand, that hurt public decorum and lead to further violence.”

When talking to Global News, Gung further elaborated that this is particularly important as a protective measure in stopping homosexual attacks because homophobic violence can’t be stopped due to “moral tradition.”

Putting her name in the mayoral ring for a second election in a row, Gung came up last in the race with 850 votes in 2011. She is one of four Independents in the running (Allen Hutton, Helen Hee Soon Chang, and Raj Gupta) to unseat Mayor Derek Corrigan who will be running for his fifth term.

Advance voting begins November 1 while the civic election is set for November 15.

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Written by: Irene lo

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