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Bulk Carrier Ship Spills Toxic Oil Into English Bay

Bulk Carrier Ship Spills Toxic Oil Into English Bay

Local crews are working to clean up a toxic oil spill in Vancouver’s English Bay believed to be leaked from a bulk carrier ship.

Just after 5:00pm on Wednesday, an emergency response team was called to investigate an “oily substance” floating in the water along the east side of the bay.

According to the City of Vancouver, the oily substance leaked into the water has been identified as bunker fuel – a type of liquid fuel frequently used on large ships and distilled from crude oil. The City is warning locals that the oil is highly toxic and they should not to get too close or touch it.

In a statement released by Port Metro Vancouver, the area has been surrounded by a 1,000-foot containment boom while at least five West Coast Marine Response Corporation boats try to recover some of the heavier oil currently surrounding the ship.

Vancouver fire rescue officials are working alongside the city and the Canadian Coast Guard to clean up the oil spill as efficiently as possible. Officials report that approximately one tonne of the oil spill has been successfully recovered.

While not confirmed, the oil spill is said to have leaked from the ship Marathassa, a bulk grain carrier that arrived from Korea.


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