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British Columbia Has The Lowest Minimum Wage In Canada

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It’s an ironic and unpleasant twist that one of the country’s most expensive places to live is home to the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

New Brunswick, who previously held the title, has increased their minimum wage to $10.65 an hour as of today, leaving B.C. at the bottom of the bucket with $10.45 an hour and $9.20 an hour for liquor servers.

Fortunately, the province has plans of increasing our rate up to $10.75, but British Columbians will have to wait until September for the new rate to come into effect.

According to a new poll released on April 1, 76 per cent of the public supports a minimum wage of $15 in B.C. – something the the BC Federation of Labour strongly supports.

Current minimum wage rates across Canada:

  • Nunavut: $13.00
  • Northwest Territories: $12.50
  • Ontario: $11.25
  • Alberta: $11.20
  • Manitoba: $11.00
  • Yukon: $10.86
  • New Brunswick: $10.65
  • Nova Scotia: $10.60
  • Quebec: $10.55
  • Prince Edward Island: $10.50
  • Newfoundland: $10.50
  • Saskatchewan: $10.50
  • B.C.: $10.45

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