Brentwood Town Centre is Transforming Into a Futuristic Mega Mall


Brentwood Town Centre is undergoing construction for a major revamp with an epic all-new outdoor shopping centre.

“The Amazing Brentwood” mall will feature over 250 retail stores, restaurants, offices and a plaza connected to Brentwood’s SkyTrain Station.

Photo: The Amazing Brentwood


Photo: The Amazing Brentwood

The North Burnaby shopping centre is expected to open in the Spring of 2019.

The Future Of Brentwood’s Mega Mall



Photo: The Amazing Brentwood

With over 250 shops to choose from, there’s plenty of shopping to take on at the new mall. It will feature the most popular and beloved brands, luxury designer stores, and some eclectic boutique shops for more unique finds.


While the restaurants haven’t been revealed, there will be a mix of eateries to satisfy any foodie. The plan includes more fine dining restaurants, some casual eats, specialty bars, breweries and grab-and-go meals. A farmer’s market is also in the works for the summer time.

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Photo: The Amazing Brentwood

One of the most exciting features that makes the shopping centre so unique, is the plan for a major entertainment hub, including a VIP theatre. The addition of a one-acre plaza will also serve as a spot to entertain with a grand fountain, public art, and a line-up of concerts. With the addition of green spaces, boulevards, and patio tables it will also serve as a place for social events, including wine tastings, fashion shows and outdoor viewing parties for sporting events.

The property will be 28-acres and will also have high-rise luxury homes and an innovation hub with office spaces.

The mall may become Burnaby’s main shopping centre as Council has mentioned the possibility of shutting down Metropolis at Metrotown. The potential demolition has many Burnaby residents shocked and angered.

For more information on The Amazing Brentwood project, visit their website.

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  • BBY2

    Who is going to shop there – the old Italian seniors that sit in the food court all day buying nothing. The mall is pathetic.

  • mall4567

    This is right on. I work in the mall and see it every day, we have a complete lack of business. It turned into a seniors meeting place now. Same people day after day. And they BUY NOT A THING. Don’t they have homes or lives

  • Pablo Ramos

    this will obviously change once the expansion is done. The public is little right now at brentwood because the options are also small, but still there’s always people checking out stuff there. This is a great part of the city, that is growing really fast.