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Body Suits Now Designed For Race Horses; Enhance Performance

It’s not uncommon for us to see dogs wearing clothing put on them by their owners, but have you ever seen a horse sporting such a look? Well now you can say you have! At the Flemington Racecourse in Australia, a sprinter named Hay List was seen rocking a boy suit to help in the recovery and fatigue of his body after a race.

The compression suit was designed by a firm in Windsor, New South Wales, known as Hidez. Hidez’s suit uses a graduated compression method which supplies more oxygen to the horse’s body muslces as well as circulation and faster recovery time.

The Hidez suit is worth $948, and was tried on by Hay List for a few weeks and there has been a significant amount of improvement noticed in his performance due to the suit. The suit takes about 90 seconds to put on, and consists of many zippers.

What do you think, do animals need the same kind of recovery attire as humans?

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