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Black & Indigenous People Make Up Large Number Of Homeless Population


Despite making up a small portion of Metro Vancouver’s population, Black and Indigenous people make up a disproportionate number of the city’s homeless population.

This city conducted its homeless count this spring, showing there are 29 more people than in the 2017 survey.

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But this year, the survey focused on the population’s racial identity, which revealed disproportionate numbers.


“These results highlight the critical importance of collecting race-based data to assist us in service delivery and policy responses,” said June Francis, co-chair of the Hogan’s Alley Society board of directors, to CBC News.

Although only accounting for 1.2% of Metro Vancouver’s population, the survey found Black people make up 6% of the city’s 3,630 homeless people.

And while Indigenous people make up for 2.5% of Vancouverites, according to a 2016 census, they account for a third of all homeless people. However, the number of homeless who identified as Indigenous fell to 711 people this year, which is 35 fewer than the last survey.

People who identified as Latin American make up 3% of those on the streets, while accounting for 1.4% of the city’s total population.

The highest numbers of homeless people are in Vancouver, Surrey and Langley.

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