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Skiier Encounters Close Call With Mother Bear And Her Cubs In Whistler (Video)

black bear

Photo: Jamie Stein/Twitter

It’s common knowledge that mother bears are extremely protective of their kin, and this time was no different.

When Vancouver skiier Jamie Stein came across a black bear while on a trail on Blackcomb Mountain on Sunday, he didn’t think it out of the ordinary. Until he saw one of her cubs.

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The mama bear started moving towards Stein, and he swerved right to avoid the black bear and her cub. It wasn’t until he was at a good distance away that he realized there was another cub behind the rocks.

Black Bear Safety

While black bears rarely attack, it’s good to know the safety procedures in case you come across one.

When on a trail, ensure you’re safe by staying in groups, staying alert, and carrying bear spray. If you happen to encounter a bear, make sure you don’t run. Stay calm, back up slowly, and give it space.

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