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Bird Feeders Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Causing Tiny B.C. Birds To Die

B.C. Birds dying of salmonella

The Wildlife Rescue Association in B.C. is asking people to take down their backyard bird feeders to stop the spread of a deadly salmonella outbreak.

The outbreak is affecting pine siskin birds specifically, small songbirds with sharp bills and short, notched tails. It’s thought that due to their nature of feeding close together, the disease seems to be passing through them easily.

B.C. Birds dying of salmonella
Photo: Facebook / @WildlifeRescue

The association has stated that there have been increased reports of sick and dying birds across the Pacific Northwest, between Oregon and B.C.

The Association says since the new year, 36 pine siskins suspected of salmonella poisoning have been brought in, and “more are coming in every day.”

The source of transmission seems to be bird feeders. As a result, residents who have backyard feeders are asked to remove them for at least 14 days. Alternatively, they are asked to clean them with 10% bleach solution.

If you find a pine siskin, or any wildlife, showing signs of distress or illness, please contact Wildlife Rescue’s Support Centre at (604) 526-7275.

For more information about the sick birds, you can also visit the association’s FAQ page.


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