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The Best of ScanBC in April 2016

Best Of ScanBC

ScanBC is BC’s online radio scanning community. The community collects and shares information from police scanners and posts headlines to Twitter and Facebook.

The month of April means we’re well into the spring season. Usually its showers before flowers but the Lower Mainland has had some exceptional sunshine throughout. Festivities ranged from Buddha’s Birthday to 4/20 and Vaisakhi to the Sun Run. There were also some major concerts in Vancouver like Ellie Goulding, Iron Maiden, Paul McCartney (plus Jimmy Fallon as a surprise guest) and Rihanna with Travis Scott.

Even with no playoffs for the Canucks, first responders had their hands full from a bunker fuel leak to a cat in a pole. Oh and a couple inert grenades!?

The Best of ScanBC in April 2016

Powdered donuts

“Jackass: The Next Generation”

Don’t do drugs.

Grand Theft Timbits


Insert pun here

Happy 4/20

*Plays Bruno Mars* – Grenade



Pirates of the Caribbean is filming in Vancouver..



Round-up by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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