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Celebrate The Lunar New Year With The Best Chinese Dishes in Vancouver

best chinese dishes in vancouver

February 5th marks Chinese New Year—celebrate the special occasion by checking out the very best Chinese dishes in Vancouver.

The city has a melting pot of cuisine and Chinese is no exception.

Best Chinese Dishes In Vancouver

Scallop Dumplings with Caviar


If you’re looking for a popular Chinese fine dining experience, this is it. Find this restaurant at 1161 West Georgia Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Their dim sum menu has everything you could ever want, including these scallop dumplings with caviar, cod, gold leaf and egg ($18). Other dumplings include hot & sour pork, beetroot and pork short ribs.

Almond Crusted Shrimp Balls


Check out one of their locations, at 8298 Granville Street or 8181 Cambie Road. Dig into these delicious almond crusted shrimp balls ($5.25). Some other popular dishes include steamed pork dumplings ($4.25) and deep fried sea bass with spicy salt ($28.98).


Too Two Chinese Sauerkraut Fish


Share this delicacy or keep it all to yourself. For $39.99 you can get enough sauerkraut fish for two. They’ve got lots of other options including fish belly, deep-fried chicken wings and a housemade sticky rice cake. It’s located at 101-4940 No 3 Road in Richmond.

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Beef Brisket Curry


Dig into their classic curry beef brisket for $15.95. Other favourites on their menu include: soy sauce chicken ($9.50), BBQ duck ($10.50) and poached chicken with ginger scallion sauce ($9.50). Check them out at 130 East Pender Street.

Spicy Garlic Dungeness Crab and Sticky Rice


Indulge in this epic tower of sticky rice, crab and crispy noodles stacked on top of one another. At $90, this dish is far from cheap. Other dishes include purple yam sweet dumplings, deep-fried taro dumplings, scallop dumplings and beet dumplings. They’re located at 108-777 West Broadway.

Pork and Prawn Wontons


Sink your teeth into these pork and prawn wontons with white pepper supreme broth ($10). They also have vegetarian pot stickers ($10), steamed prawn scallop rockfish chive dumplings ($11), and steamed pork and preserved mustard green dumplings ($10). Find them at 163 Keefer Street.


Deep-fried Taro Dumplings


For about $60 for two people you can indulge in some of the best dim sum in the city. This is one of their most popular dishes, the deep-fried taro dumplings. But they’ve also got tiger prawn and scallops in a spicy tomato sauce, sweet and sour filet of fish, wonton soup, salted pork soup and sweet and sour chicken. Visit them at 1172 Alberni Street.

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