Black Bear Caught Stealing Picnic Lunches On Port Moody Beach (VIDEO)

bear steals

Watching a cute black bear steal from picnics is cute in a charming Saturday morning cartoons; however, a thieving black bear has actually been scrounging through lunches on Port Moody’s White Pine Beach .

Indeed, the bold bruin has no qualms with marching through the masses. The assertive creature was captured on video calmly strolling between beach blankets, seemingly unfazed by the surrounding crowd.

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Antoni Kosta posted a video of the bear to his Facebook account on Thursday, July 5th; the video already has over 170,000 views, and its popularity continues to grow.

Bear Steals Picnics

And, while this demonstration is fascinating, it is clearly problematic. Not only are these creatures large, but this behaviour is abnormal. Usually, these animals keep their distance from people. Evidently, this individual has grown accustomed to people, and that represents a real danger to the public.

While children can be heard giggling and playing in the background, the bear may become aggressive. As a result, conservation officers are trying to scare the animal away. Unfortunately, these efforts have been unsuccessful. Consequently, White Pine Beach will be closed until the area is safe to the public.

To keep bears wild and visitors safe people are reminded to:

  • Never feed a bear; do not leave any garbage or unattended foo
  • Clean up garbage and food immediately; use bear-proof bins provided
  • Never approach a bear
  • Change your route or plans to avoid bears

A black bear was recently spotted wandering through Surrey’s Guildford area. Sadly, conservation officers determined that the predator was at risk of causing harm to the community. As a result, it was put down.

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