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Cross Country Freedom Convoy Changes Course, Will Roll Into Vancouver This Week

trucker convoy

Photo: GoToVan / Flickr

The slow rolling trucks that impeded traffic on the Port Mann yesterday were not the death rattle of Operation Bear Hug.

Organizers of Operation Bear Hug, an anti-mandate trucker convoy, tried and failed last weekend to converge in Victoria. According to their Facebook page they will be protesting in B.C. this coming weekend instead. 

They intend to be in Vancouver and Victoria this coming Sunday, March 20. 

The official name of the protest is “The Official Canada Unity Convoy for Freedom Operation #BearHugBC.”

According to the Canada Unity Facebook page, trucks left from the East Coast yesterday morning.

operation bear hug
Photo: Canada Unity / Facebook

Their stated plan is for the Eastern convoy to reach Calgary by this Friday and link up with supporters in that area.

Together they will depart for B.C. on Saturday morning. They will stop in Kamloops Saturday evening, and on Sunday morning they will drive to the Lower Mainland, with some trucks taking the ferry across to Vancouver Island. 

In the same post prayers were also offered for the Canadian armed forces vet who is walking across Canada in opposition to federal mandates.


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