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BC Town Shames Speeding Drivers With Frowning Emoji

Following the speed limit can earn you a short and positive reward if you ever find yourself traveling through Sparwood, a small town in the East Kootenays.

The speed limit in Sparwood is a maximum of 40 km/h, unless otherwise posted in the town situated east of Cranbrook in British Columbia.

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After receiving a grant for new powered boards, town officials decided to pursue the installation of portable speed meters to remind drivers to adhere to posted speed limits.

Instead of displaying a “SLOW DOWN” message however, the district has opted in to use emojis.

If drivers are traveling over the speed limit, they’ll be frowned upon with a frowning emoji. Drivers meeting the speed limit however will receive a happy emoji.

The idea would be considered cheesy if it were used in metro Vancouver, but for a small town in B.C., it’s unique and likely effective.


Photo: Irwan Poerba / District of Sparwood

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