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BC Invests $3 Million Into Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Program

BC Invests $3 Million Into Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Program

The province has announced it will pledge $3 million to the BC Cancer Foundation, to help fund the Personalized Onco-Genomics program and high priority cancer projects.

Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) is described as a cutting-edge treatment as it applies advanced genome sequencing techniques to patients and work to decode the genome (the entire DNA inside the cell of each patient’s cancer). This helps doctors understand what is enabling it to grow, and to develop treatment strategies to block its growth.

By understanding the genetic makeup of a patient’s tumour, researchers hope to pinpoint potential drug therapies that would be the most effective for that specific tumour at that time, and spare patients and the health care system from treatments that have little or no clinical benefit. This ensures that every patient under the program is receiving their own personalized clinical trial.

“The future of cancer care is personalized, leading to the best, targeted treatments for the most challenging cases – and we’ve already seen a number of success stories coming out of this program,” said Premier Clark.

The latest investment adds to the previous $2 million the province provided to the BC Cancer Foundation in October 2015 to support breast cancer research.

Funding by the government helps support the world-leading cancer research community and depth of skilled researchers at the BC Cancer Agency. Leading edge research will be showcased at the upcoming #BCTECH Summit in Vancouver from Jan. 18-19, 2016.

Up until now, the program has treated patients with 50 different types of cancer.

“As a non-smoker diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer at 41, I was shocked,” said Jen Strack, “POG has been a huge blessing for me, it’s such an amazing program that the BC Cancer Agency offers and it’s given me life and hope.”

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