BC Hydro Says You Can Save Thousands By Switching To An Electric Vehicle


As gas prices continue to rise across Metro Vancouver, the idea of switching to an electric vehicle is quite prominent right now. According to BC Hydro, new data shows that by switching from a “top-selling gas powered car to an electric vehicle”, you could save thousands of dollars per year on the average commute.

BC Hydro recently did a survey and they discovered that the average British Columbian commuter travels about 20 kilometres each day in their car.


The electric utility says that Making this trip in a Honda Civic – the top-selling sedan – would cost six times more than it would cost in a Nissan Leaf – the top-selling electric vehicle. Not to mention, this is the highest gap to date in B.C.

At the equivalent of $0.25 per litre in gas, fueling an electric vehicle costs about 80% less than fueling a gas powered vehicle. Looking back at the Nissan Leaf example, if you commute 20 kilometres a day, it would cost you $2 a week.

BC Hydro also compared the cost of gas to electricity for a round-trip 80 kilometre commute from Surrey to downtown Vancouver, shows the costs add up over the course of year. Here’s the results:

  • A Honda Civic costs around $1,800 more per year
  • A Toyota Rav4 costs around $2,100 more per year
  • A Ford F150 costs around $3,380 more per year

As of right now, there are currently more than 18,000 electric vehicles on the road. 350,000 are expected to be on the roads by 2030.

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