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BC Ferries Just Announced That They Are Increasing Fares This Month

BC Ferries

Photo: BC Ferries

While prices to sail on BC Ferries may already seem higher, they are about to increase.

As of June 27th, the transportation provider announced that they plan to remove fuel tariffs.

As a result, people commuting from Metro Vancouver to Vancouver Island can expect to pay more for their travel. Specifically, fares will raise $0.50 more per person and an additional $1.70 per vehicle.

Of course, these new costs will vary depending on the length of trip; however, all major routes will incur these fees.

In response to the increase, Transportation Minister Claire Travena says that she is “extremely disappointed.”

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BC Ferries Raises Fares

Instated in the spring of 2016, the fuel rebate program was designed to manage the unpredictable rise and fall of fuel prices.

With that being said, BC Ferries stated that they don’t benefit financially from this mechanism. As a result, they’ve decided to remove the program.

On Sunday, April 29th, gas prices in Metro Vancouver reached as high as 1.619 per litre, setting an all time record for the continent.

Since then, prices have continued to soar. BC taxi drivers are also feeling the impact, and are trying to raise fares in response to the staggering prices.


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