Scientists Set Off On Research Expedition To Explorer Seamount, Off The B.C. Coast

B.C. Underwater Volcano

Over 300 kilometers off of the coast of Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Ocean, lies Canada’s largest underwater volcano.

Known as Explorer Seamount, the volcano rests on the Explorer Ridge, a boundary between several tectonic plates in the region. It covers an area of that’s about 2,000 square-kilometers, which is about the size of Metro Vancouver, and rises more than 2.5 kilometers above the surrounding sea floor, which is higher than any mountain on Vancouver Island.

This week, an eleven-member team, consisting of people from Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation, set off on a two-week expedition to explore and research this area.

The primary objective of the expedition is to expand on the discoveries that were made in a 2018 expedition that resulted in the discovery of several species that were previously-unknown to Science.

What makes this expedition even more exciting, however, is that it will be live-streamed, courtesy of a submersible camera called the Bathyal Ocean Observation and Televideo System.

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This livestream will, according to CTV News, give viewers “a closer look at resident animals, animal habitats, biodiversity, volcanic sediments, any human impacts, and newly discovered seamounts.”

According to Dr. Cherisse Du Preez, a deep-sea marine ecologist, “This part of the ocean has never seen the light of day before.”

That is soon about to change, and you can join along with the deep-sea exploration from the safety and comfort of your own home.

The expedition live-stream begins Friday, July 19th, and can be watched here.

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