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B.C. Theatres Can Now Apply For Liquor Licenses

Going to the movie theatres just got a whole lot more interesting! Now those of us who are over 19 in BC may be allowed to drink alcohol while watching movies and during event theatres. It has just been passed that B.C. movie theatres can get a license to serve alcohol during screenings, with the exception of course that this occurs in adult-only auditoriums. The reason for this is so under-age drinking is not an issue, as it’s difficult to tell during screenings if minors are drinking due to the darkness.

B.C. decided to lift the liquor ban in theatres rule, after the Rio Theatre in Vancouver had to lay off staff and give up $40,000 worth of business all because they had to shoot down a local film festival in January because they could not legally sell liquor. Now however, the new law makes it so the government can restrict under-age drinking in theatres while letting it’s more mature audience take advantage of a nice drink while watching their film of choice.

Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario also allow alcohol in their theatres, with age restrictions of course!

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