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B.C. Students Grade 11 Marks Potentially Important For UBC Applications

The University of British Columbia is considering looking at Grade 12 students’ Grade 11 marks to determine whether or not those students will gain early acceptance into the university next year. The reason behind this, is that UBC claims that Grade 12 marks this year are essentially self-reported by students on their applications and thus not official. The university does not want to look at Grade 12 marks until May which is when they will be verified by the province. Since B.C. teachers have been without a contract since June, and went into job action in September, which included not filling out report cards except for those of Grade 12 students, so they could apply at Post-Secondary institutions.

According to the president of the B.C. Teachers Foundation, Susan Lambert, the grades that teachers have been giving to their Grade 12 students, are real grades, that are not self-reported. Lambert claims that the teachers are living up to their commitment of providing Grade 12’s with their marks, and UBC should be accepting said marks.

According to UBC associate director of admissions, Michael Bluhm, students should not be worried by the possible decision of the university to accept Grade 11 marks for early acceptance. Bluhm claims that if a student has done well in their Grade 11 year, the university will recognize their achievements with early admission. If a student didn’t do so well in their Grade 11 year, this won’t stop them from being accepted, it just means that they will have to wait until May when the university receives official marks from the province.

Some students are stressed about the possible decision, claiming that it leaves them in a dilemma, do they choose on of the universities they were already accepted into, or do they wait to see whether or not they will be accepted into UBC?

The decision on behalf of UBC will be out soon.

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