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B.C. RCMP Not Impressed With May Long Weekend Driving Infractions

Holiday Road Blocks In B.C. Catch 100+ Impaired Drivers In 1 Night

The province’s integrated road safety and traffic services policing units released numbers comparing this year’s May long weekend to last year’s in relation to driving infractions.

While they note the grateful and significant reduction in impaired drivers out on the road, the rest of the stats were still eyebrow-raising. Distracted driving and speeding violations in particular were alarming.

Some violation tickets lead to vehicle impounds or criminal charges.

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Constable Melissa Wutke, a spokesperson for BC RCMP Traffic Services, wants to remind everyone “that distracted driving, not using seatbelts and impaired driving are still the leading causes of death and injury on BC roads.” So when you’re out on the BC roads this summer remember to have fun but be safe for your sake and everyone else’s.

2016 and 2015 May long weekend traffic tickets:

Distracted driving and driving without due care/consideration

  • 264 this year > 199 last year


  • 254 this year < 275 last year


  • 2,404 (161 excessive speed) this year > 2,078 (122 excessive speed) last year

Impaired by drug or alcohol

  • 160 this year < 224 last year


Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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