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Atheist Ad In Vancouver Rejected By Billboard Agency

An atheist advocacy group is on the verge of filing a human rights complaint after a Vancouver billboard company apparently rejected their advertisement.

The billboard (see below) shows a young woman with the text: “Praying won’t help. Doing will” and “Without God, we’re all good”

Pat O’Brien, CFI spokesperson stated: “We made every effort to avoid this situation by making the ads as soft and as gentle as possible. Our message was meant to be pro-secular, not anti-religion.”

O’Brien further stated that Pattison Outdoor (the billboard company) told them the ad didn’t meet their guidelines and asked the centre to redesign them.

Pattison Outdoor, which is Canada’s largest out-of-home advertising company, has responded by saying,  “They took a stand which said, here it is, you run it as it is or we’ll take our ad and go away. And now they’re suggesting that taking their ad and going away is somehow a violation of their human rights”

 Atheist Billboard Vancouver

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