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Ask For Luigi Restaurant Review 2014


 All I wanted for my birthday this year was for my boyfriend to take me out to three Dine Out restaurants of my choosing. I told him don’t waste your time at the mall, I just wanted food! I did some research and had to be very strategic with where I chose to eat – with over 236 restaurants participating this was no easy task. I read an article published in the Georgia Straight about the restaurants they believed were going to be the best and worth the money. They mentioned a brand-new pasta place that makes their own noodles in house. It was also located in Railtown and I knew I had to check it out.

Ask for Luigi is located on Alexander Street right behind Cuchillo and since they weren’t accepting reservations for Dine Out we arrived early on a Friday night. However, it wasn’t early enough and the wait for a table was 2 hours! Obviously, this made me want to eat there even more. So my boyfriend and I walked around Gastown for two hours waiting. Hey, we were about to carb-load so we had to justify it somehow!

Finally, after working up an appetite we got a call telling us that our table was ready. When I first walked in I could not believe how tiny the place was! Seriously, there were no more than 10 tables with maximum 6 people at a table. The restaurant was cozy but not loud nor hectic as I would have expected. In fact, it was quite romantic.

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Our waitress was very chatty and down-to-earth. She made light conversation with us. To start I ordered the fried cauliflower and chickpeas topped with aioli. The portion was massive and the dish itself was creamy, salty, and cheesy. I love cauliflower and this dish highlighted their natural flavour perfectly. The chickpeas were also fried and really lent substance and heartiness to the dish. For his appetizer my boyfriend ordered buffalo mozzarella. This was served with olives and house-made bread. I tried the cheese and it was only comparably to the cheese I’ve tried in Europe. It was creamy, not too rich, cold, and light. I had to sit on my hands in order not finish my boyfriend’s dish!

Next, we both ordered pappardelle Bolognese as our main course. At first glance the portion seemed small but I quickly realized it was exactly the perfect amount. The noodles were long and wide and the Bolognese sauce was just as good as my dad makes. I’m picky – I know and love a good plate of pasta; this one was excellent!

Finally, for dessert I ordered the panna cotta. This came with a biscotti and prune jelly. The biscotti was delicious and the jelly complimented the panna cotta so well. It was the perfect way to end such a heavy meal. My boyfriend ordered the chocolate budino to finish. Well, actually I made him order it so I could try it and my “try” I mean finish it before he blinked. This was served with whip cream and hazelnut crumbs on top. This was also delicious and very chocolaty – sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


At the end of the meal I was so happy that my boyfriend and I waited the two hours for our table. Neither of us were disappointed and we cannot wait to go back and try the rest of the menu! There are so many options that we have no choice but to return. We both agreed that the quality and quantity of the food far exceeded the $28 menu. Ask for Luigi is a welcome addition to the Railtown area and if you were ever in the area or need to carb-load, I urge you to check out this little gem!

By: Micaela Monk

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