This Local House Party Had Endless Booze, Supercars & Even A Helicopter (VIDEO)


If you think you had a wild weekend, wait until you see this. A massive house party in Anmore, which is located near Coquitlam, had local residents in shock.

The wild party featured plenty of booze, supercars, and even helicopters.


According to Justin Plosz, who is the owner of Public Relations Canada and organizer of the party, this crazy event had 1,700 cans of booze, over 300 people, seven supercars, three helicopters onsite among other things.

Wild eh?

He posted this picture to his Instagram page with the caption “In the words of Jordan Belfort “Nailed It”.

This video was uploaded to Facebook that shows a helicopter landing at the party:


If you want to see all the shenanigans for yourself, below is a video recap:

According to reports, the Mayor of Anmore, John McEwen, was corned about this party and said it disturbed his quiet village municipality.

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