Should Langley Take Action To Tear Down The Decrepit Aldergrove Mall?

Aldergrove Mall

While it has been in discussion for many years, there are no concrete plans to tear down Aldergrove Mall.

The mall, which is mostly vacant, was built over 40 years ago. With most of its windows boarded up and covered in graffiti, it is a giant eyesore. What’s more, it is positioned at the centre of the community.

This frustrates many of the local business owners and city planners, who say the structure prevents growth in the area; however, the mall’s owners aren’t keen on giving it up.

Sadly, this point of contention is nothing new for Langley’s Aldergrove community. In fact, talks regarding the issue were held as early as 1998.

“A plan to demolish Aldergrove Mall, leaving the two anchor stores intact, will leave a gaping hole “that’s going to look like a hockey player in the playoffs without their front teeth,” Councillor Charlie Fox remarked on Monday,” reported the Langley Times in 2012.

Since then, little has been done to revitalize the aging eyesore. As a result, the surrounding businesses say that it impedes their growth. In fact, only a dentist’s office and a dollar store remain in the complex.


The Aldergrove Mall Issue

“The Langley Township was the fastest-growing municipality in Metro Vancouver between 2011 and 2016, with the population jumping 12 per cent. Around 8,000 people made Langley their home in that time. Aldergrove saw just 76,” reports CBC News.

As such, people speculate that the aging mall is one of the primary reasons for the community’s stagnant development; however, the owners, The Janda Group, haven’t specified why they aren’t ready to part ways with it.

Do you think that Langley should take further action to get the owners to part ways with the mall? Alternatively, do you think that there is a different reason to explain Aldergrove’s stagnant growth? Is there another option? 

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