Air Canada Reveals New Livery For Canada’s 150th Birthday

Air Canada 2017 Livery

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada, as well as the 80th birthday of Air Canada.

Consequently, our nation’s flag carrier is celebrating the occasion with revamped livery, proudly displaying the Air Canada Rondelle on a global stage.

“The new livery balances national identity with a compelling design that clearly accentuates the features of each aircraft, allowing it to elegantly stand out in the sky and on the runway.” says Air Canada.


The most noteworthy redesign includes the new black belly on each aircraft, presently matching the engines and tail.

Air Canada staff will also wear new uniforms, styled by Vancouver-born fashion designer Christopher Bates.

Air Canada 2017 Livery

Photo: Air Canada

In addition, Air Canada will also roll out new in-flight food options as well as a new wine selection for International Business Class passengers from April onwards.

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