This Once Promising BC Resort Is Now A Creepy Ruin Hidden In The Forest

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What was once the promising Deertrail Resort in BC is now an eerie ruins that is nestled in the forest of Sooke Potholes Provincial Park.

It was built by Albert Yuen in the 1980s after he purchased a 160-acre plot of land. The beautiful property was the prime location—overlooking the serene Sooke River.

While it seemed to be such the perfect backdrop for a chateau—it never reached completion.

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Yuen and his wife had big dreams for the space, with plans to have 200 rooms, a spa and a pool. But unfortunately, the plans were never brought to fruition. They lost some valuable investment dollars which ultimately cost them their dream.

The property was then acquired as being part of the park and the resort was torn down to its original stonework. But the ruins are still a major tourist attraction for the area.

And it’s definitely seen its fair share of graffiti since.

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Abandoned Deertrail Resort

Location: In Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, on Sooke River Road, just off West Coast Highway 14

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