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604 Now Interview With Lady Gaga

LADY GAGA! Need we say more?

We knew months in advance Lady Gaga was coming to town to perform for her ‘The Born This Way Ball Tour’ and reached out to her assistant for a interview but got no response. Friday we we’re downtown and spotted Gaga’s tour bus and began snapping a couple pictures (you may have seen us tweet about it). Next thing we know, we spot a rep from Lady Gaga’s team and ask again if we can sit down with the star for a couple minutes, to our surprise, he agreed to Saturday morning!

We met with Lady Gaga Saturday morning at her hotel in downtown Vancouver. For someone who just performed at Rogers Arena til late the night before, she was up early and active! After introducing ourselves and chatting for a minute or so we got right down to business.

604 Now: Theres a lot of rumors flying around of where your name originated from, what’s the truth?
It’s from Queen’s song “Radio Ga-Ga.”

604 Now: Last night you expressed your love for Vancouver. What’s your favorite part about the city?
The people, they’re so respectful. When I go on tour my management is always on their toes but seem to be more relaxed here. I like it.

604 Now: You display a lot of religious imagery on your albums. Who or what is God to you?
I worship my fans so they’re my God. I don’t believe we know what God looks like, but you have faith in what He, or She, or It looks like.

604 Now: We’re aware you’ve been in town for a few days, have you had time to explore?
Yes, I actually had time to go shopping yesterday before my sound check. I found some really nice things. We also had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, I forgot the name but it was very authentic.

604 Now: Given your commercial success, how do you feel going on tour and selling out shows in city after city?
I feel blessed. I love my little monsters. Not only do I live for them, I create only for them.

604 Now: Is there a message you’d like to share with all of your fans in the 604?
I would just want to say thank you, I love you, I appreciate so much the support that you all give me. You listeners, the ones who found me first are, I believe, the future of great art thinkers.

Definitely an inspiring experience sharing the short moment with her. To touch on Question 2, we referred to Lady Gaga’s grand opening in Rogers Arena where she said:”I f—ing missed you, Vancouver,” Gaga put on an amazing show for her ‘monsters’ and included an interesting but thankful monologue: “I am not an alien, I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a creature of your government, When they ask you who is Lady Gaga you tell them I am you.”

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