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Vancouver Issues $11,000 In Fines For Unlicensed Marijuana Dispensaries

The City of Vancouver carried through with its plan of issuing fines for unlicensed marijuana dispensaries who remained open after the April 29 deadline.

According to the city, 44 medical marijuana stores were fined for not operating in compliance with the city’s bylaws, totalling a whopping $11,000 within two days and counting.

Many dispensaries facing fines still plan to stay open however, regardless of the punishment. Many owners are rallying together to potentially take the city to court, while others are individually filing for reviews with the B.C. Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, a handful of shops who followed the city’s orders to stop operating are considering relocating to the suburbs.

According to Jodie Emery, Vancouver’s notorious marijuana advocate, the city’s regulations are unfair, not justified, and too restrictive.

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