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Epidemic: Abbotsford Records 5 Overdose Deaths Within 10 Hours

Abbotsford Police / Surrey Man

This Halloween weekend sparked tragedy in Abbotsford, as police report five cases of drug overdose leading to death in under ten hours.

The reports state that in each case the individuals were completely alone when they died; there were three men and two women.

They ranged in age from 45 to 67, and four of them died in apartment buildings, while one died outside of a business. Police say that the deaths occurred between 10.15 am and 7.20 pm.


Abbotsford Deaths Point To Epidemic Issue

Global news spoke to Constable Ian MacDonald who told said that, “Two things that people have in their minds for whatever reason is that all of these overdose deaths… are all happening in back alleys, that they’re predominately young people who are partying or entrenched drugs users who are passing away in the back alley.”

Many people believe that drug dealers should be charged with manslaughter since overdose deaths have reached such epidemic proportions. This year’s death toll for overdose deaths has already exceeded last year’s number.

Evidently, these deaths convey the scope of the epidemic. On Sunday, Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart pleaded with the provincial government to reopen Riverview.

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