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5 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep You Warm in Winter

5 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep You Warm in Winter

It’s going to be a while before the cold leaves Vancouver, but a good thing on a cold day is a nice hot drink to keep you warm. What’s a better winter drink than hot chocolate? You may end up going out and buying a cup from a coffee shop, or you could make some at home. So to make things easier, here are some different and awesome hot chocolate recipes to keep you warm throughout the winter.

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Nutella Hot Chocolate 

Take hot chocolate to a whole new level by making it with Nutella, rather than with a powder hot chocolate mix. Here’s a video, by YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen, on how to make this delicious drink.

Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate 

Make your hot chocolate different with this video by YouTuber Fleur DeForce, on how to make homemade spiced orange hot chocolate.

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Another unique hot chocolate recipe video, by Ingrid Nilsen, shows you how to take your hot chocolate up a level with peanut butter.

S’mores Hot Chocolate

Graham crackers, chocolate and roasted marshmallows are all incorporated into this hot drink, in another video by Ingrid Nilsen. A unique and interesting way to serve up your hot chocolate by combining it with a campfire classic.

5 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep You Warm in Winter

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Here’s a recipe to make your own peppermint white hot chocolate. Quick and easy, this recipe should only take about ten minutes of your time and makes up to four servings.


**Bonus 6**

For the university student who has been under the stress of work, school, final exams, or all three, here are 7 Ways to Spike Your Hot Chocolate.

Written by: Nicky Toor

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